Stimudent Plaque Removers

STIM-U-DENT – high-quality toothpicks

Stimudent tandenstokers van Stim-U-Dent

STIM-U-DENT is known for their high-quality toothpicks of the unique BASS-wood, a soft but strong and very flexible type of wood. The toothpicks are made from the bark of the tree and have a special triangular shape. Because of the special shape, softness and flexibility of the wood, it can easily change shape and adapt even better between teeth for better cleaning. The STIM-U-DENT toothpicks also reach parts of the teeth where the toothbrush does not come and is therefore a recommended daily supplement to brushing. STIM-U-DENT is made of soft wood that does not splinter and is therefore safe for removing plaque between teeth and molars while massaging the gums. The use of STIM-U-DENT toothpicks prevents tooth decay, ensures healthy gums and clean and fresh teeth.

Stimulating toothpicks are available in 3 variants:


The product is available in a 4-pack package of 4 × 25 pieces (so a total of 100 toothpicks per package).

STIM-U-DENT Plaque Removers- THIN with mint taste

The product is available in a 4-pack package of 4 × 40 pieces (so a total of 160 toothpicks per package).

STIM-U-DENT Tooth-R-Picks

Stimudent tooth-r-picks tandenstokers van Stim-U-Dent

Tooth-R-Picks are soft and easy. These toothpicks are made out of rubber, without silicone. They are suitable for almost all sizes (with the exception of xl) and can be used multiple times. These soft, flexible rubber brushes effectively clean spaces between teeth, molars, crown and braces. Stimulates, massages and helps gums stay healthy. The efficient long rubber section makes the Tooth-R-Pick easy to use.
This product is available in a package of 40 pieces (including container for 16 pieces).